Survivor South Africa is the 3rd Season of ItsOfficial's Survivor Series . The Premier Date is set for May 22nd, 2015.


A brand new twist that could change the game in an instant. 18 Castaways were hand-selected to compete in the extreme temperatures of South Africa - with the potential "Cursed Idol" threatening their chances of survival. They all made the trip for one reason and one reason only; for a chance to become the Sole Survivor.
Survivor Cursed Idol55
The game will begin with three tribes of 6 where they will have to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast the rest to make it to the end. Every day the tribes will compete for Reward and/or Immunity in hopes of making it easier on themselves to make it to the end. Winners of the Immunity challenge will be safe from the threat of being voted out; while the losers will face Tribal Council where their Tribe will be forced to vote off one of their own. 39 Days, 18 strangers; One Survivor. 


  • Hidden Immunity Idols - Introduced in Season 1. Immunity Idols could be used to nullify any votes cast againnst the person playing the Idol. Each tribe will have one Idol placed at their beach/camp. Winner of Reward/Immunity challenges will earn reward in the form of comfort, fishing gear, food, etc...Hidden among the reward would be a clue to the location of the Immunity Idol placed at thier tribe's beach/camp. *Idols will not be re-hidden this season*
  • Returnees - This is the 1st season to introduce returnees. 3 former castaways were brought back for a 2nd shot at the title. On Day 1 they were introduced to the rest of the castaways as the leaders of their tribes.
  • Schoolyard Pick - The leader of each tribe began the game with a classic schoolyard pick. The order of the tribe picking was determined and the returnees got to hand-select their tribes.
  • Cursed Idols - Featuring a new twist which will be called the "Cursed Idol" - Unlike Immunity Idols; you don't play a "Cursed Idol" on yourself. When casting your vote; you must select one member of your tribe to play the "Cursed Idol" on. When playing the "Cursed Idol" on someone - all votes cast against that person - are DOUBLED. The last time a "Cursed Idol" may be played is the Final 6. *Idols will not be re-hidden this season*


Castaways Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finished Total Votes
Brandan F. ZULU 18th 3
Logan B. MZANSI 17th 4
Nicole F. ZULU 16th 3
Adjoa S. MZANSI 15th/QUIT 0
Maxwell H. MZANSI 0
Steve S. MZANSI 0
Austin Y. MZANSI 2
Nolan K. MZANSI 0
Luis L. XHOSA 0
Tyler Y. XHOSA 0
Jacob S. XHOSA 0
Yr 2007YogiM
Yogi M. XHOSA 0
Mickle P. XHOSA 0
Chip P. XHOSA 0
Selena L. ZULU 1
Rick W. ZULU 1
Natalie S. ZULU 1
Scott Y. ZULU 1

The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway received during Tribal Council's where the castaway was eligble to be voted out of the game, excluding tiebreakers. It does not include votes received during the Final Tribal Council.


Day Episode Title Immunity Eliminated Vote Finished
2 "Pretty in Pink" XHOSA Brandan F. 3-1-1-1 18th
3 "Luck of the Irish" XHOSA Logan B. 4-2 17th
4 "Unstoppable" XHOSA Nicole F . 2-1-1-1 16th
4 ----- Adjoa S. QUIT 15th